Never look a gift horse…straight in the eye


Yesterday’s to do list so quickly morphed into something completely different. as is so often the case in a small business! We’ve been racking our brains as to how to really get in front of students whilst not wishing (or being able to) spend the earth.

I’m sure this is a common problem for most small businesses.

I’ve now found myself starting most conversations with a phrase like “We’re not Unilver..” as some slick salesmen tries to convince me that £x thousands is a really good investment.

Anyway, a nice phone call from someone who was realistic, did understand the tightness of finance & was willing to negotiate has resulted in an agreement to E mail over 300,000 students next week. These are students who have already been accepted at Uni & are starting in Sept 2013.

So yesterdays list still (mostly) remains Todays list starts;

Design mechanic & advert to gain student interest

Brief graphic designers & website people (who are in Tenerife currently on holiday!)

Do everything else from yesterday & a little bit more..

Off to it methinks!

In the meantime photo of the day is from the stock room of some of the merchandise we have ready & waiting.



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