Freshers packs

One of the lovely challenges facing a new business is that you are (mainly!) in control of your own destiny! Choosing new products to include in your range is always a joy. As an on line business we obviously don’t have a real shop front to display our ‘stuff’ in so getting the right products & showing them as effectively as possible is key.

So, today’s new pack to go on the website is our freshers pack.

How do we decide what to put in it?

Simple, we ask students what they’d like & we ask parents what they’d like to give. there’s usually a little common ground in the two lists.

so here’s a picture of our new pack

ImageFor those of you who are not too sure why plastic cups & ping pong balls should be included then all I can say is beer pong.

If you have any ideas of other things to add then please let us know as we’d love to here from you.

All our ‘stuff’ is available on line at

why not have a look?



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