Bank Holiday but still a bit of work!

It is a bank holiday here in the Uk. Surprisingly (& rarely!) the sun is shining & it is a great opportunity for families to spend some cherished time together. oh, & realise that luckily it is our last holiday until Christmas.

Here at Student Gift Parcels we’ve had a great weekend. Friends visiting with their two children who are students. A good opportunity to do some impromptu market research with our target audience. A few new parcel ideas dreamt up ready for the rush. We discounted the 5:2 diet box with the 2 diet days as the contents though!

After our mailing last week our Facebook likes continue to climb, albeit at a slower rate. We’re now up at 1240 so quite a jump & we’re pleased that they’re all students.

Next job is to engage the mums & dads who are our likely potential purchasers.

We had a call from California from a lady who stated that our card handler would not work with her US address; an issue to take up with them first thing on Tuesday as no business can afford to turn away any customers.

So picture of the day is a little montage we posted On Facebook today to try a little light comedy for our students heading off to Freshers Week over the next few weeks.


Feel free to like us on Facebook to keep abreast of what we’re trying to do.


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