Here at Student Gift Parcel we are NOT a traditional hamper company offering dusty packs of shortbread and violet creams. We aim to offer students ‘stuff’ they want and need…even if they don’t always know it.

Being away from home at University or college is often daunting. Many students have limited culinary skills or little idea how to budget. We don’t aim to provide the full solution however our chosen foods are nutritious as well as being quick & easy to prepare.

We do provide a variety of themed parcels which satisfy a need. This need may be a treat, may be a top up pack of essentials or a supply of that all so important safety equipment you forgot to pack them off with on that first day. We also offer the opportunity to send a pack a month as part of our monthly club. Sign up & we’ll do the rest for you.

Our website is easy to use & safe. You are offered the opportunity to put a personalized message in with the parcel and to ‘add on’ selected ‘stuff’ that you think they might need; from extra treats to a freshen up kit! All with free standard postage.

Go on;

show you care and make them smile


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