Who knew daily blogging was so difficult?

…& why didn’t they tell me!

So, what’s new?

Well, again keeping manically busy. It’s like swimming against the current with little visible progress being made but hopefully invisible progress. Does that make sense? There seems so much to do behind the scenes to make things happen. As a comparatively new business we are still sorting out the odd little gremlin in our website. I must say people are so understanding of the odd little hiccup. We do seem to be getting there though. wherever there is.

Parcels are going out & we’re coping with new & different requests.

As its not possible to just stand still we’re also choosing our Christmas products to go in our parcels. Yep, Christmas whilst its still sunny outside.

I’ll save that for another day though.

Picture today



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Ain’t some people nice?









Busy few days! Well that’s my excuse.

Been sourcing some new things for our parcels. It’s quite enjoyable tasting your way through a selection of muffins to get the right one for our parcels.

We feel it is important to keep adding & changing our parcels to keep things fresh & different.

Reason for the heading?

Lovely lady ordered for her niece. Had a bit of nightmare on the website with a few miss pressed buttons. More worryingly she discovered a glitch on our website on one particular page which resulted in a small overcharge. we picked up on this straight away. A lot of customers would (understandably) be cross. This lady was very supportive & the whole matter was sorted out in minutes.

It’s lovely when customers stick with you even when there’s a little hiccup

Ain’t some people nice?

Picture of her parcel just before sealing up & sending.

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Naughty, naughty!



Reason for the title? Well, it’s been a few days since I last posted. Surprisingly the internet has not asked why, questions have not been asked in parliament & the world has seemed to lurch on in its usual, slightly shambolic way.

Reason for the picture? Well, why not? Feeling a bit tiger-ish today. A sort of Grrrhhh, go get-em type day.

So, still to do?

Printing; oh that’s delayed so whilst I was hoping to see our 2m tall banner ready for Student Freshers Fayre I’ll have to wait another day. Same with the 10,000 flyers they were due to deliver.

Lovely delivery of loads of face paints yesterday. Just what a student needs for that Freshers week party. Could dress up like the picture above I suppose.

Our Facebook presence is beginning to grow.. We reached over 27,000 people last week. Not exactly sure what that means but it sounds a lot.

Pop over & like us & you’ll have a chance to win one of our parcels (unfortunately UK only I’m afraid)


Back to it. Apologies for not posting in the last few days. I’ll try to be better…if anyones reading this! 

Bank Holiday but still a bit of work!

It is a bank holiday here in the Uk. Surprisingly (& rarely!) the sun is shining & it is a great opportunity for families to spend some cherished time together. oh, & realise that luckily it is our last holiday until Christmas.

Here at Student Gift Parcels we’ve had a great weekend. Friends visiting with their two children who are students. A good opportunity to do some impromptu market research with our target audience. A few new parcel ideas dreamt up ready for the rush. We discounted the 5:2 diet box with the 2 diet days as the contents though!

After our mailing last week our Facebook likes continue to climb, albeit at a slower rate. We’re now up at 1240 so quite a jump & we’re pleased that they’re all students.

Next job is to engage the mums & dads who are our likely potential purchasers.

We had a call from California from a lady who stated that our card handler would not work with her US address; an issue to take up with them first thing on Tuesday as no business can afford to turn away any customers.

So picture of the day is a little montage we posted On Facebook today to try a little light comedy for our students heading off to Freshers Week over the next few weeks.


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Freshers packs

One of the lovely challenges facing a new business is that you are (mainly!) in control of your own destiny! Choosing new products to include in your range is always a joy. As an on line business we obviously don’t have a real shop front to display our ‘stuff’ in so getting the right products & showing them as effectively as possible is key.

So, today’s new pack to go on the website is our freshers pack.

How do we decide what to put in it?

Simple, we ask students what they’d like & we ask parents what they’d like to give. there’s usually a little common ground in the two lists.

so here’s a picture of our new pack

ImageFor those of you who are not too sure why plastic cups & ping pong balls should be included then all I can say is beer pong.

If you have any ideas of other things to add then please let us know as we’d love to here from you.

All our ‘stuff’ is available on line at


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