big, BIG big day yesterday

Short post today (I’m afraid, although some of you may be grateful)

You may remember we had an opportunity to be involved with an E Mail to all prospective UK students due to start their studies next month.

We grabbed this but boy was yesterday a roller coaster!

Our graphic design & web people were just back from holiday.

We bullied them into doing all the artwork & app & back office stuff against a deadline which seemed to constantly move forward. We finally sent everything off at midday on thursday to be told we had missed the boat. After coolly pointing out a few facts to the company concerned they managed to upload us onto their platform a little late but we got there!

Not sure how many we students missed but it was great watching web traffic from all over the world flood in.

Its still going but at a slower pace.

The aim was to buld engagement & get likes on FB. So far we’re up to 900 so we’re fairly pleased.

Fingers crossed the graph keeps going up. Oh, & that they eventually buy something!

If you fancy popping across to see our advert then feel free.

Feel free to enter if UK based. Unfortunately we don’t post overseas yet!